Workout Apps I Love

We’ve all downloaded them, taken that quick glance, hoping we may have just discovered the holy grail of workout apps: that app that promises—and delivers—the sculpted body and fit lifestyle we desire.

But all-too-frequently, the apps leave us empty, never making good on the efficiency and functionality we demand from a great app.

Here I’d like to highlight just a few of my personal favorite workout apps in hopes of making your own app search a little easier.

Keep in mind that my needs and areas of interest may not be yours. I often need compact, trackable fitness that works around a changing schedule. I also love rock climbing, so climbing plays a huge role in my own personal fitness goals. (Click the app icon to navigate to the download page on iTunes, or click the text link to check out the developer website.)

Hands-Down, the best, simplest, easiest-to-use workout and tracker app I’ve ever used is Streaks Workout. Launch the app, decide how much time you have to work out, tap and go! No extra machines, weights or equipment needed. These do-anywhere workouts make it easy to stay on track and motivate users by scoring your number of days worked out in a row along with a few other metrics. Moving from one exercise to the next is as simple as tapping your iOS device’s screen. Love it. My only beef is that, so far, the workouts take nearly double the listed time, on average.

For finger, shoulder, and bicep strength (all major climbing muscles), my go-to is Beastmaker. Now, unlike Streaks, Beastmaker is designed for use with the Beastmaker hangboards. But the routines are easily adaptable to other boards like the Metolius Simulator. My favorite feature is that once you start a workout, the app alerts users of exercise start and end times with distinct chime sounds. No need to touch your device at all during the routine.

The last app I’d like to highlight is the ubiquitous Nike+ Run Club. I really like the user interface, shoe mileage tracker, integration with Spotify (truth be told, I prefer Apple Music, though), and their social initiatives (connecting with friends and 5k Sunday, for examples). This app just works for me. It keeps me motivated and tracks all I want: pace and distance and day and time.

So as you search the App Store for the best of what’s out there, just remember that there is an app for just about every lifestyle or fitness interest.

Now we’d like to hear from you! What apps are using each day to stay fit and motivated?

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