Park Workouts



Parks, aside from providing endless fun for your kids, they also provide a great opportunity to get some workouts in. Several pieces of equipment found at your park can be used for exercises ranging from pull ups to Bulgarian split squats. Best part is you can find a park in just about any neighborhood and you can bring your kids with. Now, the only issue is trying to find a time that the park is not crawling with kids, the last thing you want to do is push a kid off the swing to get your suspension rows in. All parks vary on the equipment they have, sometimes all you need is an open space or a hill. Here is a quick list of exercises you can complete based on the equipment available:


Swing set: Basically its your make shift suspension trainer. You can get pretty creative on this piece of equipment

1)Pull ups
2)Hanging leg raises
3)Knees to elbows
4)Burpee to pull up
5)Suspension body saws
6)Suspension rows
7)Single leg suspension squat


Box jumps
Step ups
Bulgarian split squat
Single leg squat
Elevated push ups
push ups
Hip thrusters



Picnic table
Staggered height box jumps
Leg raises
Climb overs


Hill sprints
Hill lunges

Sea Saw
Single leg squats
Step ups
Side to side jumps
Step up to single leg jump