Fitness Hacks

The days of two-hour work out sessions are over, you’re a Dad. However, you don’t have to bench your fitness goals. I’ve developed a system over the last few years of fatherhood. I’ve broken down my routine into four major categories. Your weekly plan needs to be flexible in order to adapt to your life, kids get sick, kids don’t sleep and other life event pop up. Here are the four categories:

  • With the Kids: these daily workouts are for the days your watching the little ones. The focus on these days is body weight exercises, stabilization, mobility work, and core strength. For example, push ups, sit ups, planks, and squats. image
  • At the Park: these daily work outs are for the days you can take your kids to the park or run down to the park yourself. You can do an endless amount of body weight workouts. For example, pull ups, plyometrics, sprints, and push ups.Bring a sand bag and add additional work outs. image
  • At the Gym: these are for the days you can sneak out to the gym for a lift session, these workouts focus on using your time wisely at the gym. Working on technical lifts, and or strength,  hypertrophy or muscular endurance. efficiency is key on these days, they rarely happen, so use your time wisely. In order to get the best workout for my time, I often use super sets and/or circuit training.
  • Conditioning: these are days that you get to sneak out for a run, sprint etc. These can also be days you get out for a bike ride with the kids.

The goal is to keep moving and add movement to your every day life. If your goal is to increase or improve your squat, on days with the kids you can work on mobility, for example, working on your full range of motion by doing deep body squats with isometric holds. You can also work on flexibility or any movement compensations you may have when it comes to squatting (ex. excessive forward lean, knee valgus, feet flatten or externally rotate etc). When you hit the gym for your technical day, you’ll be better prepared to improve your squat. All of your small actions will build up, you will improve over time with the right mindset.

My goal is to post work outs daily, workouts you can add to your personal library of dad WODS.