Beer and Wisdom: Nostalgia

This combination of items sit in the book case of our family room. A figure of a father and baby with a photo of me as a 14 year old skater punk performing a “50/50” down a picnic table on my skateboard. We aren’t the same person we were throughout time, yet that past experience help shape us into who we are today. Not sure what rolling down a picnic table in my board did to build the man before you now, but it brings us to today’s topic, “nostalgia”.

October 28th, 2018

Tonight’s beverage of choice is this Two Brothers Brewing Pahoehoe Coconut Ale. . This summer beer was found hiding way in back of my fridge, quietly waiting to be discovered. I am not exactly sure what Pahoehoe means, but the ale is about as good as summer beers get. It offers up a hint of coconut, enough to miss those summer evenings. The first few sips ignite some thoughts, its not always easy to just sit down and write the randomness that pops into this mind, but here we go.

Nostalgia ignited

Nostalgia, it sure seems a rather odd feeling. Not that I don’t enjoy looking blissfully at my past, but nostalgia does something more. Nostalgia is ignited by a sound or a site. Something from the present triggers the memory bank and the feeling of that past moment re-emerges. For the most part, this can be a positive occurrence. Unless, of course, you live with a lingering regret for the past. Things you maybe missed out on, than nostalgia can have a sad undertone.

Nostalgia and Regret

Nostalgia is often accompanied with a bit of regret, mostly regret that the moment has past and we are now in a different point in our lives. Maybe, you have heard the term “those were the days” coming from those around you, including yourself. Ive found myself thinking that very thing. My thoughts racing back to a time life was a bit simpler and responsibilities didn’t hang so heavy on my shoulders. Of course, things are far different now and nostalgia is the only souvenir left from that life.

The Shift

Nostalgia is always shifting. It seems the past can be reflected on in a more positive light because that moment has past. I feel most humans reflect on events by only striping the positive and conveniently forgetting the negative. Often I think back to my teenage years with a sense of nostalgia, only to realize my teenage years really sucked! I mean, I couldn’t even drink beer, legally. Plus, I was pretty stupid as a teenager. I am way more smarter now (grammatical error included on purpose).

Good ole days

Life has changed drastically from the “good ole days”; however, these days will soon become tomorrow’s “good ole days’, so I’d better watch it. Like I said, nostalgia shifts. Down the road Ill look back at this moment in time with nostalgia. Maybe, I will sip some coconut ale and be blasted back to this moment, writing as my two boys and my beautiful wife sleep peacefully upstairs. When looked at closely, nostalgia is a reminder that this moment will be something to remember, something to cherish.

I have, in my glass, a couple sips left. It’s been a rather long day and part of me seeks another one of these ales; however, one and done is the logical decision. Time to move on and get some sleep. Tomorrow will be a day to remember.

One thought on “Beer and Wisdom: Nostalgia

  1. Well said and from your Heart frozen in the Moment. Everyday of a life well lived is a day to remember I Think.
    Have an amazing TODAY and Spend it Most Wisely..

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