Beer and Wisdom: In Fall

“Always remember there is nothing worth sharing like the love that led to share a name” – Avett Brothers

Beer and Wisdom, a series dedicated to a good beer and maybe some good wisdom. A series in which I (or a guest writer) sit and ponder the cosmos while enjoying a brew. As I introduce you to this issue of Beer and Wisdom, there is something I need to address. The above photo is of my wife and I at the old age of 18. It seems like ages ago. But, that’s not what I think about when I see this photo. When I see this photo I think about the server who involuntarily “photo bombed” this moment in time. I wonder what he is doing now and if he knows I am writing about his presence in this now old and important photo. Well, I digress.

August 26th, 2018

I am often disappointed when beer companies release their fall beers in August, yet here I am, enjoying a Two Brothers Brewing Atom Smasher. This is my favorite Oktoberfest beer, hanging its hat on a oak aged flavor few can beat. It’s got a solid 7.7 ABV, which will calm the senses after a rough day. It is also smooth as glass with a 22.6 IBU. But, enough about beer; lets move onto some wisdom.

The Drive

As I drove home tonight, before my beverage escapades, I shut off the A/C in my truck and rolled the windows down as I cruised through the country roads that lead to my home. The day was sweltering hot, yet the night yielded to a cool crisp air, reminiscent of the first pulse of fall. Fall was always a good time for me. The season where I met my wife and best friend. The season I vowed to be with her my entire life. The season that brought about many evenings near a bonfire and near that special lady. Yes, the fall brings more than just pumpkin spice and cool colored leaves for me.

Just the Two of Us

It’s easy to forget about that girl who made all of this possible. The one who said “yes” to a young man on a mountain. Before all of this, it was just me and her. Most nights ended with a cold glass of wine and a movie. Mornings began with a conversation between two adults. Weekends consisted of dinner dates with friends. It was just us two. The universe revolved around us and nothing stood in the way to convince me otherwise.

Business Partners

But, life moves on. That relationship led to something bigger than our Moscato-filled evenings. It led to two people that would shift our perspective: our sons. It made our world bigger, better and harder. We vowed to forge a life together and now we created a whole new life. It’s epic. If you feel differently, then I suggest you go back to your World of Warcraft game and leave some taco flavored Doritos for your mother.

Kids are a big deal and they should be. But, like I’ve written before, we may move through the day and forget about the crazy pact before the kids. The pact built on crisp fall nights. It’s not always easy to keep a pulse on the relationship. Many of us treat our spouses like business partners in the industry of child-raising, rather than the love that led to share a name (The Avett Brothers never disappoint in the world of good quotes).

Pay Homage to the Spark

As the cool autumn breeze rolls in, causing a light fog over the nights horizon, I am reminded of those nights. The nights all of this became possible, because two kids fell deeply and unequivocally in love. So, maybe I’ll slow down a bit tomorrow and pay homage to that spark. See my wife again for who we were before all of this. Maybe, we can crack open a bottle of wine and just enjoy each other’s company for just a moment. Easier said than done, these kids can give us a run for our money and sanity.

The ale and thoughts have dried up for the moment. The cost of deep thinking is never truly worth its weight in salt until action is taken. So, I am off to bed, I’ll take that extra moment tomorrow to acknowledge the crisp air and my wife. Who knows. Maybe the kids will allow us to have that moment. No progress without trying.

One thought on “Beer and Wisdom: In Fall

  1. I am Honored by not just your words but by the action behind them.
    By the Thoughts that pass thru you both. By the Caring and foresight of you both. By the way you grow and feed off each other
    By the two white hot Sparks that choose everyday to blend and meld into one. That Spark created my two grandsons and Treasures they be. Beyond Measure
    I love you both very much and could never ask for my Daughter a better teammate friend and lover then she chose in you.
    You have never failed to impress me since the moment we met. You Lead and Inspire.. you Drive life to the fullest and together you create an ever changing and growing world for the boys to thrive in. You weather the change in tide of life together and that’s not common. In a world where its easier to give up then it is to DRIVE-ON you both are an example that anything is possible.
    Thank you ….Thank you both for always Teaching me and reminding me just what’s really important in our lives…

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