Helping The Carrying On Project

We are so excited to announce that we’ve partnered with other pro-dad brands (Tactical Baby Gear, Lil’ Jammerz, and Dadbod Apparel) in an effort to raise funds for The Carrying On Project. Our friend, Sydney, of Strollin’ with My Homies, approached us with an awesome opportunity to help fundraise for this organization that helps veterans and their families. The Carrying On Project helps by providing them with infant/toddler baby carriers (yeah, like Ergos and Bjorns). Let’s face it: these puppies are expensive—and priceless!

With Veteran’s Day right around the corner, we all can be thinking of ways to support our neighbors—many who are veterans. Hang out with them, listen to their stories, bring them a meal, buy them coffee, play with their kids or invite them over for Thanksgiving dinner.

wearallthebabies fall2

Or head on over to CrowdRise right now and buy yourself some raffle tickets to win awesome gear from TBG, Lil’ Jammerz, and DadBod Apparel…. Support The Carrying On Project! Here’s the full link:

Every $5 gets you a raffle ticket. Win some awesome baby gear.

All the Socials for all the peeps we’re working with on this one:




Lil’ Jammerz

Dadbod Apparel

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