92.96 Million Miles


“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more”-Tony Robbins

Often times I think of what will the lessons be that I teach my boys. Of course, I want those lessons to be epic, grand and life altering. Knowing the human condition, I understand my boys will most likely ignore the ramblings of their old man. Either way, I think the lesson I want them most to grasp is this:

I will tell you something, there will be a time you feel unimportant. A time you feel as if your actions do not matter, your voice is silent and your thoughts meaningless. We’ve all been there, I’ve been there; however, know this, the mundane day before you is quite spectacular once you see your world for what it is.

Look up, what you see is a large ball of fire and light. Its rays hitting everything around you, illuminating your world. The sun sits 92.96 million miles away from the earth. Its energy gives life to the entire planet. Its rays are so powerful they energize the very world we live in. It is said if the sun were just a mile closer, our planet would be scorched beyond recognition. If the sun were a mile further, our planet would freeze. All life would be resorted to ice and snow. The exact and precise placement of the sun is critical and because of this precision, we are here. Life is sustained.

The macro is astonishing, but the micro is where the magic happens. Although the cosmos amaze us, what is inside of you is mind altering. From the moment of conception cells, atoms, chemicals and the mysterious “spark” began the precise development of YOU. Every cell precisely finds its place, every chemical mixes in with its counterpart. With this YOU are built. Your toes, hands, arms, everything to precise specification. The code you carry, your DNA, holds millions of years of evolution that has gotten us to YOU. Your code is like no other and although it has been influenced by US, you are a special version. There has never been anyone like you and there never will be again.

Know that the world around you and the world inside of you is very special. Every moment is a gift of precision. Some may feel each day is just “another day”, but its much more. Just look, really look around. You’ll see many never stop to appreciate the ground they walk on or the life they’ve been given.

But, here is the secret. algorithms, codes, molecules, atoms, stars and planets have acted with precision to get you here; However, YOU need not act with such perfection. It’s true, they have done the heavy lifting, but you can change course, adapt, re-learn, make mistakes, and fall down. You can do these things and not fear you have somehow upset the balance. You can fail and fail. And, when you’ve felt you’ve lost, know that while the sun is above you, your feet feel the ground, and you can take a deep breath, you have the option to move on. Your stage has been set and you are the actor. The script is up to YOU and only YOU. No director can shift your course unless YOU take control. YOU must build your life and yourself. The universe will not do it for YOU, it’s already done enough. YOU must be strong, honorable, and courageous. The actions of precision to get YOU here deserve no less. NOW MOVE!!!!

One thought on “92.96 Million Miles

  1. What FANTASTIC WORDS. You know your boys are very very lucky indeed to have such amazing parents. What a lifetime legacy you’ve left for them in those words. It wont matter how old they are each time they read them. At each age they will remain a TRUTH.

    Your Perspective is so true to heart..

    Thank you for sharing that with me and us. OUTSTANDING


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