Barbell and The Beer 

“Those who train are cut from the same cloth. Although our pursuits may vary, we understand each other. Because, we know the pursuit is where life lives” – THEDADLIFT


Most are married to their form of  training. All claim their program is “the path”. The crossfitter raves of their programming and dynamic movements, the kettlebeller follows suit and the power lifter grunts at any style which doesn’t include heavy steel. However, I am here to tell you all paths of training have a key to the puzzle that is a life of training. Each pursuit holds it’s value, its element to your development. Sticking to one ideology has never been a skill I posses and maybe that’s the right way to go about things. A life of training involves a taste of all the paths toward “strength”. 

In comes Barbells and Beers, a chance to try a new pursuit. New techniques, movements and philosophies to add to your tool box. And, a chance to meet like-minded individuals.

Our first event was at Olympus Jiu Jitsu in Geneva, IL. Jiu Jitsu being a style of fighting which includes using your entire body to grapple with opponents. Every part of your body is put to the test, arms, legs, hips and shoulders all used to apply leverage and technique. The concept of maximum efficiency or “seiryoku zenyo” is seen clearly in this pursuit.

The intent of your opponent is clearly seen in this style, that intention being to choke you or mangle a limb; although the intention is to in reality “break you”, the act of “rolling” with your opponent is more about learning and growing than mangling. You’ll be bruised and battered, but you will be better for it. You learn a lot by rolling with someone.

img_1268Tom at Olympus shows a true passion for the style, and is glad to choke you out to assist in your development. He has cultivated an atmosphere of camaraderie between students. A group of great dudes willing to submit you into forced yoga poses in the pursuit of knowledge. You are immediately welcome as a pursuer of the art the moment your feet hit the mat. A practice of escapes, defenses and submissions introduces the novice into the style. The drills are grueling, as the knowledge bombs keep coming. A couple of rounds of open roll end the session. Now, bruised and battered, we head out for a beer session.

In comes Penrose brewery, Geneva IL . This place is in no short supply of stained woods, groomed beards, flannel and of course crafted beers. I begin my alcoholic adventure with a delicious session sour ale, introducing a 4% abv into my battered body. The beer truly hits the spot after a grueling training session; however, it’s not just about driving a great ale down your now soar and recently choked throat, but a chance to converse with like-minded men.


The group consisted of computer programmers, police officers, engineers, scientists and fork lift operators all with one thing in common, the pursuit of self-development. The beginner and the experienced share conversations over a well crafted beer. Ages ranging from 28 to 63 are equals as they discuss a life of training.

Your path to a life of training is impossible without the social aspect. Your progress relies on a network of like-minded men, willing to share stories and information. Although it is hard to find the time with our fatherly duties, it is important to your progress.

As I sit this morning holding my toddler and enjoying a cup of coffee, the twitch in my back and soreness in my wrist is a reminder. It reminds me that soreness is temporary, but experiences are permanent. Those who train are cut from the same cloth. Although our pursuits may vary, we understand each other. We know the pursuit is where life lives. So, get out and train.

This is our first of the Barbells and Beers series. I can think of no better way to have started this endeavor. More to come, stay tuned.

One thought on “Barbell and The Beer 

  1. Most Excellent article. You’ve captured the event and the Idea perfectly. Was a fantastic event and a training opportunity that I really enjoyed. Like so many things in life if you only do and see and be down the same narrow line you tend to miss all the other great Viewpoints and experiences that are out there. The night was Superior Training and I would like to thank everyone for the chance to meet them and exchange attitudes and insight. Cant wait to do it again.

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