Live a Legacy


Change is ever present in our lives. However, no change is bigger or more important than becoming a father. And, I mean being a father, not just creating life, but actually committing your life to another human being. One which with you will have a bond so strong you can feel your genetics moving forward in time. Some appear unaffected by this great opportunity, maybe even resentful. However, everything we are, or have ever been, has brought us to this moment. We transcend into a part of our lives which will change the outcome of our legacy. There is much talk of legacy. It’s something we leave behind. However it’s also something we live. Our legacy is more than genetics, it’s information passed on. We don’t stop evolving at birth, our legacy molds us into who we are. Legacy is an information loop, which imprints our values, knowledge and drive on the next generation. With every generation our legacy is to grow. Fathers are the coaches of the next generation, the teachers of legacy. We live our legacies. Live your legacy, don’t just leave it.

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