TDL WOD #3: Wagon Pulls

So, the other day I found my wife in need of a break from our one year old boy. Since becoming mobile about 2 months ago, he’s been getting in to everything in the house, especially dangerous stuff. I don’t know what it is, but little boys are constantly trying to find danger. I ended up canceling my solo run and packed him into the wagon. He loves wagon rides, it’s the only time he stays still, sits back, and enjoys the ride. I threw on my 40 pound Ruck to add some more resistance. Once at the park I began my WOD:

20 x Reverse lunge wagon pulls 

20 X Lunge wagon pushes 

20 X swing set body saw push ups

20 X swing set single leg lunges 

Complete 3 rounds (time 25 minutes)

Sometimes you just have to adapt to the day, especially with kids. But, you don’t have to give up on your workout. There are several ways to integrate a good WOD as you roll with the punches. So, get creative.

One thought on “TDL WOD #3: Wagon Pulls

  1. That’s what I call training as you live. Very very cool…just goes to show everything you do is part of your full on life training program. All you have to have is the right PERSPECTIVE. . Awsome …


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