TDL WOD #2: Regress to Progress

So, lately i have found that my dead lifts were getting a bit sloppy. My back began to ache after a heavy deadlift session, which is not a good sign. I found I was not following a full range of motion when dead lifting and I was placing added stress on my lower back. I decided to go back to basics and perform high volume dead lifts while concentrating on proper mechanics:

  1. Back braced  and not rounded
  2. Staying over the bar
  3. Activation of the Lats
  4. Full range of motion
  5. Staying on my heels
  6. One fluid movement

I performed the following WOD:

100 reps @ 135lbs (or, 40% 1 rep max)

Take 30-35 minutes to complete all repetitions, taking breaks in between reps when you feel your form begin to suffer. Don’t race, take your time and focus on good clean reps.



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