TDL WOD #1: Pump up The Volume

Pump up The Volume: Squats

Today’s WOD is simple, yet can be very helpful when trying to break through a plateau. It’s a squat ladder with a high volume of squats using 50-85% of your one rep max. Also, it’s a work out that will take you about 25-30mins to complete. So, run into your garage or basement (if you have a squat rack and weights) and give it a whirl:

  • Warm-up: 10 body squats w/ 10 second hold at bottom position, 15-25 jumping jacks, 10-15 tuck jumps or squat jumps
  • 25reps @135lbs (or 50% 1rep max)
  • 20reps @185lbs (or 70%1rep max)
  • 15reps @205lbs (or 80% 1rep max)
  • 10reps @225lbs (or 85% 1rep max)
  • Cool down: 10-15 squat jumps, 60 seconds of jumping jacks, static stretching if needed

Complete all your reps with out racking the bar, if you need to take a break, pause at the top of the squat and take a breather, than continue. The key here is to stay under load for the entire set. Take a 1-2 minute break between sets. High volume work is awesome to break through a plateau, increase strength, and endurance. Plus, you will work into your Glycolysis energy system, which derives its energy from glucose or glycogen, more on this later.

Enjoy the WOD

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