The New Father 

“There is no job more important than parenting. This I believe.” – Ben Carson

Be assured, things will undoubtedly change. The days ahead will be much different, more complex. The challenges ahead will require you to put yourself second and maybe even third or fourth. You have stepped into a new era of your life. One which will challenge you in every aspect. Everything will feel much different.

Everything has changed, but you are still the same, for now. The arrival of you child hasn’t automatically catapulted you into fatherhood. No my friend, that is what will be built by your actions. What you choose to do from this moment on will now not only effect you, but another human being. It’s not about you anymore, it’s about much more than you have ever valued.

The awe sensed now should be cherished. It’s shouldn’t be taken too lightly or too seriously. Some lose that spark as the fatigue sets in. Long nights and insane days mesh together your new life. Some fall victim to ungratefulness. They fall into a lethargic sense of parenting. “Meh”, might seem common place. A back seat is taken to fatherhood.

The lethargic attitude is one that must be combated. It has no place here. Yet, it often finds a home within us. It’s not always that easy. It often becomes “the way things are”. We may go through the motions never taking time to reignite that sense of awe experienced on the day you first met your child.

Your goals, aspirations, and self alter in the shadows cast by the lethargic. But, this race is far from over. You have a big role to fill now. Probably the biggest one you’ll ever have. That is why we must adapt, overcome, and advance passed any sense of the mundane. Your life is only as mundane as you perceive it to be. Open your eyes, you’ve just figured this thing out. Now, move!

One thought on “The New Father 

  1. Your View is Spot-On , It takes a consistent positive viewpoint to mold the future, yours and theirs. Parenting is the most challenging environment you will ever choose to fight in because your fighting against unsurmountable odds for the future of your offspring in an ever changing world…. If your not thinking about the best way to train them and equip them for their tomorrows at every level your not doing your Job. and if you don’t it will show …Drive on and don’t ever be afraid to ask questions of the people who have succeeded before you.. Good Luck
    Its the adventure of a lifetime

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