Callous [Kal-uhs] Adjective 1. Made hard; hardened 2. insensitive; indifferent; unsympathetic

In the hopes of passing wisdom down to my boys, I often write of my view point. The way I see things. The world may seem like a scary place, but with the right guidance our children can crush it here. With that I wrote the following. Maybe one day they will understand what I meant or better yet, put it into action. Here it is:

Calloused, its how many adults operate, having lost their sense of awe. Calloused from the the repetitive movements day in, day out. The daily grind, as some have called it.

Calloused, from a fixed thought pattern, never allowing new ideas to spark in the mind. The belief we know what we need to know and no more. Holding onto old ideas, because its the way its always been.

Calloused, in the view of others. Our perception only confirming our biases. Only building ignorance.

Calloused because the mundane is comfortable. The mundane is safe.

However, I challenge you to not hold a calloused view of your world, to not live in the "been there and done that" mind set; but, to have calloused hands from the friction of action. The movement of the barbell, the climb, the pull, or the lift. Hands calloused from the work.

To have calloused feet from the the run, walk, the hike, the hunt or the chase. Calloused from paths, roads and the journey taken.

To have calloused fingers from the thousands of pages flipped through in books which spark new ideas. Calloused fingers from the act of the written word, the played song, the painted portrait.

Calloused, because you have become stronger, hardened and more resilient to what the world may through at you. 

I challenge you to be calloused as the result of action, not as the consequence of comfort.

Efren is the father of two boys. He is a police officer outside of Chicago. He is also a certified personal trainer.

One thought on “Calloused

  1. How Freaking True are those words….Each day we carry forward the Experience and Knowledge we have accumulated and built upon based on our lifestyle vision perception and sense of reality. Its good that lessons are learned , its a survival mechanism designed into us to help safeguard and defend. To assist us in living forward.

    Calloused hands and feet . Places where Life rubs and pushes and pulls at us. Where the sling slides as you run. Those places make us stronger, faster, smarter. Isn’t that the goal of evolution. A calloused heart is a dead heart.

    Sage advise says that to have a calloused Heart deadens your spirit. It takes from you the Flavor of the Moment. As you are so well said……. in always reminding me the AWE of the life and world around you is what gives it the Meaning that makes our lives Bloom each day…

    Never forget that life is a Majestic opportunity and to not be awed by it each day is a disservice you do to your Family , your Friends your Teammates and your soul…


    Awesome Article

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