We Chase the Day

We aren’t just here to chase after things. We’re here for the movement, baby – Chris Moore

I blinked and I am 34. What the hell happened? It’s something I didn’t even realize until I started seeing new hires born in 1995!! Why is time moving some damn fast? Since having kids my life has been at 3x fast-forward. Why do these days seem to fly by?

Life is often confusing. As a kid, I always felt adults had everything figured out. Now, that I am well into adulthood I’ve learned one thing: no, we don’t.

Days are often scattered trying to catch up with time. You know, making “the most of the day”. We race and race around. And after all the chasing, we still notice that nagging little project yet to be accomplished.

What are We Chasing?

We chase the day and often feel we are forgetting what it is we are chasing. Are we just trying to keep a busy mind? Or are we trying to get as much as possible done in order to feel we’ve made full use of the day.

The Dreaded Mini-Challenge

Of course, your work is never done. Especially with little kids. Kids often add “mini-challenges” to the daily mix. Spilling orange juice on the newly cleaned floor. Throwing Cheerios across the room on to the freshly-vacuumed carpet. You “caught up” and now you are chasing again, as you clean up after the rug rats.

Little projects beg for our attention; but I feel we are missing something here. I feel we weren’t designed to just chase after things. What if we let the day get away from us? What then? Will we fall behind and get lost in the shuffle?

Parenting is Chaos—Anyone Saying Different is Selling Something

There will always appear to be work to do. And we should do that work. No one likes a home resembling chaos, but the image we portray or the appearances we want others to see may not be entirely accurate. Often our lives are filled with chaos. And I’ll let you in on a secret: so is everyone else’s. Parenting is chaotic, anyone who says different is selling something. There is no amount of filters to disguise that fact.

Let the Day Get Away from Us

Maybe every once in a while we need to leave some dirty dishes in the sink. Maybe leave the toys scattered about the living room. Sometimes when the mood seems right, we need to allow the day to get away from us as we stop—and look around. 

Remember that it’s good sometimes to let the day pull ahead and leave you behind… to enjoy the moment.

Efren is the father of two. He is a police officer outside of Chicago and a certified personal trainer.

One thought on “We Chase the Day

  1. SPOT ON…Life passes to fast…they grow up too fast..
    we age too fast…you cant afford to worry about foolishness…pick the toys up later before your mother -in-law comes over…go have a beer with your awesome wife and watch the kids play in the dirt…..That’s real life


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