TDL WOD# 7: Swing Clean and Press

The Kettlebell provides quite the mix up, if you are accustomed to the barbell or dumbell. It’s basically a cannon ball with a handle welded to it. The mechanics change with the Kettlebell, seemingly simple lifts become challenging. For that reason I find the Kettlebell to be an amazing tool to have in your strength acquisition tool box. 

This WOD uses just one Kettlebell. I used a 20kg bell for my workout, which was plenty heavy. The emphasis of this training session is  conditioning, with the a quarter mile run thrown in to add to the cardiac output after each round of Kettlebell swings and presses.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • 25 Kettlebell Swings 
  • 20 Kettlebell Clean + Press
  • .25 Mile run/ Jog

Complete 4 rounds. Total 100 swings 80 clean + press and 1 mile 

Should take about 20 minutes to complete. Treat this as a Challenge and time yourself. Attempt to beat your time as you progress. 

Pro Tip

The Swing:

The swing is probably the staple to any good Kettlebell WOD. The exercise includes explosive and hip hinge movements. It’s a full body lift and you’ll feel it; however, proper technique is key. It may look like an easy excercise, which it is, but improper technique could lead to lower back pain and injury. Sokolstrong, a fantastic resource for anything Kettlebell, breaks down proper technique in this video. 

Remember, proper set up is crucial. Activate your lats, hips and hamstrings. Swing away.
For more information from Sokolstrong check out

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