The Dad Lift 2.0

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It’s been nearly one year since we launched this site and in no way was it a polished gem upon its release—nor is it now. But, progress doesn’t happen over night. Pieces of the puzzle are always found on the path, once you’ve begun.

Nearly one year later, we’ve picked up a couple of new contributors, collaborators, fellow Dads sharing the same values and mindset. Now, we move forward to bring better content to Dads looking for a “lift” or looking to lift more heavy stuff.

There is a time you need to re-state your mission or your purpose. Sometimes the message gets lost in the rants or the data. The message is to “move” and keep moving!! Movement is life—in every aspect of it. It’s about improving your fitness, health, relationships and mindset. It’s about challenging ourselves to be better fathers, husbands, and men.

The End of Your 2-hour Gym Session

We no longer have limitless time to hit the gym. And if we do, we aren’t likely to be good fathers. You can’t be a good Dad and work out for hours a day. If you can, my hat’s off to you and whatever planet you come from.

We need to adapt out training and make every day a training session in whatever ways we can. In order to just keep moving.

What Drives Us Mad

I believe the antidote to what drives us mad is action. It’s getting out of our comfort zones and pushing ourselves physically and mentally. In this modern era, it’s easy to become comfortable and complacent. Going through the motions is a way many live their lives.

There was a time long ago when humans had to chase down food, build homes, and valiantly fight to keep what was rightfully theirs. Now, most of these challenges are fulfilled by Amazon. But we still yearn for the chase. We yearn for action.

It is time we revive the “man of action”. We’ve lived in a realm that appears to have muted our true selves to become complacent and comfortable versions of men. A medicated society. A place where the very comforts we have strived for now cause us anxiety and depression.

We should be happy to live in this modern day. Think about the eras before ours. The average man was dealt a handful of challenges on a daily basis. He became hard, forged in hard times. Today, we become frustrated and angry when our DVR records the wrong show or we have to wait an extra minute for a caramel macchiato. To previous generations, our technology and our luxuries may seem like a miracle; to us it’s nothing but an expectation.


In order to appreciate what we want, we need to have gratitude for what we already have. We are so often blinded by wanting MORE MORE MORE that we forget to show gratitude for how far we’ve come and for who we have in our lives.

When you wake in the morning, do you think about how fortunate you are? What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you open your eyes?

There is No User Manual

After all this self reflection, what makes great kids? Better yet, what makes great adults? It’s a question that has plagued man for many generations. What is the matrix we need to raise our kids right?

The truth is there is no set matrix, no user manual. Many of us wish there were one—especially with a “trouble-shooting” section and a 1-800 number to call when a problem doesn’t seem to go away. And no, the internet is not the manual, even though it may claim to be.

However, our kids aren’t the only ones we need to worry about.

The Core

When we think of fitness, many a fitness guru will speak of the importance of your core. Many a home builder will tell you the importance of your home’s foundation. So what is the core of your family?

I believe the core of your family is in its origin. Where it all began and the two crazy kids that started the whole mess. Maybe you recall a quote, frequently written on wall decor, saying: “because two people fell in love”. Must we have a reminder of why we are here?

At some point in your life, you could not imagine—even for a second—being without your partner. All seemed right in the universe. You fell in love with your wife. Kids are a product of that love and, like any production, it comes with a cost. Your time with your wife now becomes a short embrace here or there. Conversations become centered around the kids. How many poops did junior take today? This continues for quite some time. And sometimes, you feel more like business partners than lovers. This is where we forget about our core.

When neglected, this can become a crack in the foundation of a huge part of our world. Therefore, we cannot forget our own unique stories about “those two kids who fell in love.”

The Bromance

It’s a common theme. A father’s social life is often cut short after fatherly duties take their toll. However, having that strong social aspect of your life is key. Finding that time to grab a beer with a good friend is essential.

So why not throw some physical fitness training into the mix? For us, Barbells and Beers events seek to fill the void. These events allow men to try new forms of fitness training, meet other Dads, and drink beer afterwards while licking wounds. Some of the best conversations I have had with other fathers have been at these events. Beaten down from a humbling workout, we discuss everything from our backgrounds to what forms of training we like best. Bonds are formed and friendships begin.

From Here

From here, I hope we can bring good content to a father’s daily life. Whether it’s fitness, relationships, raising kids, or progress in any other area of his life. We aren’t by any stretch of the imagination masters of these topics—far from it. We are more like students learning alongside you on this crazy adventure we call life. We are students sharing what we’ve learned. What we’ve failed at. And what we have yet to become.

We hope to bring more workouts (DadWODS), social events like Barbells and Beers, and genuine articles of motivation, fitness, and relationships. Stay tuned with much more to come! 

One thought on “The Dad Lift 2.0

  1. Morning…. Awesome piece and sound in content. Every so often we have to step back from the program were running, the Mission that we have undertaken.. The Mission that is our lives and re-examine all the different levels that make our lives complete. Training, Friends and Family. Learning and Pushing forward, all these things change and bend with time. A year ago we were all very different then we are today save one thing…In the CORE of us we have remained faithful to our Drive and Determination. We have learned and Modified and changed the world around us Bending it to our Force of Will to create the world we desire. Hawking’s is right we create the reality of our lives micro second to microsecond with every decision we make.

    You couldn’t have chosen a better time for this article Son. The Spring brings renewal to the world around us and we need to do the same for ourselves, To Reconnect to the original program and take the Actions necessary to bring it into the world that is our Today. In my world I tend to do this naturally as the seasons chance because the CORE values shift and adjust easily in my world. Change is my natural state. Budo changes with the 4 seasons and so do I.

    Awesome Article…Thank you


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