The’DAD’lift…lifting more then what you think. 

“GET UP”-Stanley Guzik

Efren, The Dad Lift creator and I meet through work, he was already established as a great police officer. He had a family, and was fun to be around. I would like to think we kickoffed our friendship pretty quickly. I mean, we had a similar mindset and he was my age, wow! I marched to the beat of my own drum, I knew even though I was as green as grass I felt I could relate to him.

I will never forget how I was blessed to have the chance to work with Efren on “TheDadLift.” He was finishing up his shift, and I was starting mine. We talked at length when we crossed paths by our lockers. Efren and I were talking about having a ‘positive’ day and how we go about making the best of each day. Then he told me about TheDadLift, and wanted me to be a part of it, I said YES with out even thinking .

At that time I wasn’t a ‘Dad’.  Another issue on my mind,  was my “Dad” lost his battle to cancer when I was 21, I’m 33 now. He made me earn every pat on the back, and was as old school as you can get, but I ditched my high school weekend years and college times to hang with my dad and there aren’t enough words or emotions for me to say how close and how much I miss him every day.

So I said “yes” to Efren, I wasn’t a dad, and I couldn’t pick my dads brain… I’m screwed right??


The word “Dad” can wear so many different hats in life. So, this site and all the info is a collaboration of dads, buddy’s, wife’s, and other important people that can wear the “Dad” hat.

My mom took over as the dad role at times and I took over the dad role for my younger brother. Uncles added their experience and advise over beers and bond fires. With all that, at the end of the day “thedadlift” can lift more then some dumbells but can lift the human spirit.

I will leave you with something you can think about… my dads screaming this deep toned quote when I played soccer or football in college . When I lost my footing or might have gotten hurt on a play….

“GET UP”-Stanley Guzik 

I physically got up, but now that quote is in my soul to share with you all. “GET UP” maybe not physically but like TheDadLift, GET UP you soul, your spirits and your positive outlook on the rest of your life and the loved ones around you.

Eric is a police officer and new father. He played college football and has worked in the gym scene for several years. He has been married 2 years. 

One thought on “The’DAD’lift…lifting more then what you think. 

  1. Thank you for reminding me of the important role and responsibility we carry everyday. Not just setting the example for our children and their friends but for my friends , their friends, and family alike. For the Padawans who we influence For strangers and those one dimensional relationships we have with the check out person at Walmart or the Bank teller whos voice you recognize. Those people who count on us to always have a kind word or smile on a day when their lives may not be so bright. or make all that much sense. To add something Positive into the mix.

    Thanks Eric for the reminder


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