TDL WOD #4: Optimize Time

There was a time I believed I could not get a good workout in in under 1 hour, no way. A family changes that, big time. Now, we are lucky to get 20 minutes. When we do get time at the gym we need to optimize that time. Get the biggest bang for your time. My workout session starts early 4:30am on most days, before the start of my shift. This leaves me about 45 minutes of training time. The night before I lay out my plan. I lay out the goal (press, pull, squat, or conditioning), amount of reps, sets and rest. Usually I fall short,  skipping one or two exercises. So, I need to optimize my time. Which led to the use of a timer to keep me on track (Check out Pocket WOD at the App store, its free and has a few very good timer settings). Here’s the breakdown:
1) 5 minutes of SMR (self myofascial release/ foam rolling) static stretches and dynamic stretches
2) 1 minute burpees
3) 5 minutes sledge work on tractor tire (32 pound sledge) alternate sides every 20 reps
4) 10 minute back squat work. Attempt to complete 4 sets – 25 @135lbs,  20@185lbs,  15 @205lbs,  10@225lbs. ( these are rest pause sets, you can take a break between reps just don’t rack the bar, leave shouldered)
5) 10 minute dumbbell chest press + dumbbell flys. Attempt 4 sets. Chest press 12@70lbs  10@80lbs  8@85lbs  6@90lbs. Flys  15@25lbs,  10@30lbs,  10@30lbs,  8@35lbs
6) 5 minute dumbbell farmers carries. Four 25 yard walks w/80lbs Dumbbells.
7) 4 minute cool down. SMR, static stretching


Now, this is the goal, to complete the exercises in the time given. I ran the timer for each stage of the training session in order to keep me on track. When performing the lifts take 60-90 second breaks between sets this will allow you to recover nearly 90 percent of your ATP (Adenosine triphosphate: your muscles cellular energy source). Don’t rush the lifts, just perform what you can in the given time. If you don’t finish the set, log it in your workout log and move on to the next stage. Most likely you’ll be more gassed than you expected and will need longer than 90 seconds to recover, that’s fine. I hit failure with the squats on my 3rd set. It’s not a race! Just a way to optimize your time and increase the number of movements you perform in a given session.

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