The Dad Lift


As soon as I became a father the negative outlook on my life began. They began to say “you’ll never sleep again”, “your life will only get harder”, and of course the “it gets worse” statement drilled in after every complaint I may make. I have found one thing to be true, my life will never be the same and yes my life has gotten harder. You begin to think of yourself second, third and sometime last. Many things change as you enter fatherhood and if you do it right, it is difficult. This is the most important task you’ll undertake, it’s a serious business.

Now, many of us fall into the tired parent hoping to just sit down on that “magic chair” after work and “veg” out. Many will fall into the “it’s over” mindset. Many may stop thinking about their path or desire to seek, to improve, to become the father they want to be and settle for the father they can comfortably be. Many may fall into the tired state of “I used to…. (Enter verb here)”. This mindset can be dangerous. As a father your mindset needs to be one of “action”. Action builds upon action. Remember, your not the only one looking at the way you live your life, your kids are watching and they emulate your actions or lack there of.
My goal in life now is to raise my boys into outstanding men. I want them to live a life full of purpose and meaning. I want them to explore and run outside until they fall asleep with there shoes on. I want them to “move”…… Not be sedentary children, glued to a TV, iPad, or computer. I believe most fathers would agree with me. However, how are we to develop our children into the adults we wish them to become when we ourselves are to worn out, tired, and unfit? We lead by example and if we wish for our kids to be something we are not, we have an issue.
We no longer have the ability to hit the gym for 2 hours, or work on a specific body part (arms, chest, legs etc..). Luckily for us, at least for me, we aren’t body builders. And, we shouldn’t train like one. I want the strength, endurance and conditioning for several reasons, none of which involve a professional sport or competition, but I want to be able to move. If one day I want to go for a hike, I can. If I want to partake in a 5k, I can. If I want to carry a heavy load without pain, I can. I want to participate in my kids actions and lives, I don’t want to be grounded on the sidelines by pain and the inability to move.

With limited time, sleep and resources we often talk ourselves out of any action to improve our health. Times have changed now that we are fathers and our fitness plan needs to change with it. We need to adapt and integrate new ideas. New Ways we can maintain and/or improve while being time and cost effective. Your workouts need to be efficient like everything else in our lives.

This brings me to the purpose of this site. Bringing information and sharing information with dads on the actions we can take to improve our health and well being. It goes beyond pounding weights, it’s about the mindset of taking action. Its also about embracing our role as a father and as a man. Teaching our kids life lessons, skills, and everything else that contributes to a solid life. It’s a path of constant self improvement, learning and discovering. We can’t become stagnant in the way we live or the way we move. In more ways than one, movement is life.

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7 thoughts on “The Dad Lift

  1. Awesome perspective which mirrors my approach to life and raising two daughters. The oldest currently serves in the military and turns 21 years old tomorrow. Yeah I’m a proud Dad!


  2. I always thought that being a Father was a Fantastic and Critical responsibility to my Children. The next generation of my Genetics’ , moving forward in time. But I can tell you being a GRANDFATHER is much more fun, rewarding and a lot easier to do. Grandfather’s don’t make many mistake’s.

    Being Parents. being GREAT parents is a lifelong commitment to teaching Listening and being open to new pathways and new ideas. I wouldn’t have traded a moment of it.

    Keep up the Awesome Job . I wish there were more people out there who saw the world thru your eyes.


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